Video: How Specialized’s New Auto-Sag Fox Shock Works

By now, you’ve probably seen Specialized’s 2012 mountain bikes, some of which include a new Auto-Sag shock built by Fox Racing Shox and exclusive to Specialized. Pretty slick.


5 thoughts on “Video: How Specialized’s New Auto-Sag Fox Shock Works

  1. no way that feels better than DRCV. Autosag is gimmicky. DRCV is an actual envelope pusher as far as ramping and dual chamber performance.

  2. DRCV is a totally different system. It has an extra chamber and yields (under most conditions) a bottomless feeling devoid of ramping.

    The Specialized shock is standard issue with something that purportedly makes setup easier.

    I just don’t see standard issued shocks out performing DRCV. It really is a game changer.

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