Does your bike make you drop groceries? Then you need the Flipphandle, which allows you to turn the bars 90 degrees for storage, at the push of a button.


  1. That’s clever. Not just for small hipster apartments – my family has a tangled mess of city bikes just inside our basement door. Seems like I endure a few kidney jabs every time I pull one of my bikes out. If this thing is sturdy and secure on the streets, I could see this on a few of our bikes. Not the road and mountain bikes, but the urban beaters that get pulled in and out a lot.

  2. I agree, this is not just for hipsters. It would be extremely useful, but whether it would be practical depends on the price.

  3. Given that the MSRP on this is currently looking to be over $100 (based on a LinkedIn conversation about this), I doubt this is a viable option.

    Cool, yes, convenient, seems like it…but I think the cost is prohibitive.

  4. I have a $2 allen key that makes my bike do exactly the same thing.

    Also, as a small hipster, I resent the idea that you think I live in an apartment.

  5. Other than the slightly cheesy video and high price, the concept at least looks really useful to me – it would be way easier to lean my mountain and winter bikes up against the garage wall (where I store them) if I could turn the handlebars to the side. There’s the “catching the handlebars on clothing as you go by” thing. But there’s also the thing where you have to lean the bike against the wall “just right” with handlebars or the front wheel starts rolling and the entire bike falls over (not a problem with roads bikes with their less-wide bars). With this thing I could lean the bike against the wall in a way, waaaaaaaaay more stable position.

  6. What a fabulous idea! I want one and it might seem a little pricey but how much does it cost to repaint because those F’ing handlebars constantly scrape and ding the walls?

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