2012 Giant Bicycles Contact Switch adjustable height dropper seatpostGiant has joined Specialized among bicycle manufacturers spec’ing their own brand adjustable height seatposts.

Unlike Specialized’s new three-position Blacklite Command Post, Giant’s Contact Switch will drop or rise to any position within its four inches of altitude adjustment.

It’ll come in 30.9 only, with total post lengths of either 375mm or 400mm lengths. As mentioned, total adjustment is 4″.

Target weight is 535g. Inside, it’s a totally sealed cartridge system. The outer wall touching the seat tube is not the same piece that the insides slide on, providing a double wall construction so it slides smoother and shouldn’t be affected as easily by the clamping forces of the seatpost binder. A quick sit test gave a pretty smooth feel, but this was just a couple of up and downs in the parking lot.

The return speed is fixed and is about medium compared to others we’ve tried – not too fast, not too slow. The lever is easy to depress and the cable remains sealed all the way through to the top of the post, which should keep contamination at bay. Make the jump for a detail photo…

2012 Giant Bicycles Contact Switch adjustable height dropper seatpost

The design is pretty clean. Giant’s Canadian product manager said they wanted to keep the cable completely hidden so there was nothing to snag your shorts. We’re working on getting an MSRP.


  1. Find out how much a rebuild kit is too. Looks like most if not all adjustable seat posts need to be rebuilt fairly often so that will really fit into the equation of how much one “really” costs.

  2. My Reverb is slowly gaining more play in its second month in service. Needless to say I carry my Thompson with me on trips as a spare.

    My advice to the manufacturers- dont sweat the grams and make these bulletproof.

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