Thomson white painted and red and blue anodized stems and seatposts

Thomson’s Eric Lassiter, one of their engineers, took a few of the bike parts over to their aerospace partner and got a few bits and pieces done up in white. The paint is the same as what’s used on Gulfstream jets, so it should hold up pretty well.

The anodized red and blue are another experiment to gauge consumer response. Like it? Leave a comment. Oh, and that titanium handlebar is inching ever closer to production. They had a test model that had done 300,000 cycles on their fatigue tester and it still looked rock solid. That’s about double the CEN standard.



  1. those white parts look nice. Thompson better get on it quick, white has been around for ~3 years in the cycling accessories arena. They should be thinking about what is next. I think that flat stealth black is what’s going to be hot next year…

  2. would be curious to how the paint looks on a seatpost that has been adjusted. the anodized posts still look great after being moved from bike to bike over the year.

  3. @GMB: I definitely have my reservations about paint on a seatpost too. The finish on Thomson posts is one of the things I love about them. I think they are a bit late to the “white” bandwagon. As a side note: I am just happy they are still making silver components. Not enough people do raw or polished stuff, it always looks classy. I was so happy to hear Ritchey starting doing this to a few components 🙂

  4. For road use, I’d love to have a white option from Thomson. White will always be desirable to many, its now classic, like silver and black.

    I’d encourage green ano as well, and judging by its popularity on all sorts of bikes, it seems like at least as good a bet as blue. Red is always a must.

  5. DON’T DO IT! We like the simple engineering nature of your company. Keep it simple and clean, forget colors! Maybe a limited run but definitely not permanent addition. Wait…. if you made a titanium/polished gun metal look like the Deda Zero 100 then we’re talking!

  6. I would love to see headset spacers from thomson that match their awesome post and stem machining.

    I’ve emailed them about this before…maybe others can encourage them to do so?

  7. That’ll be Akzo Nobel Aeroflex paint, I doubt they’ll use it if they go in to production. It”ll be a 3 layer system of a chromate wash primer then an epoxy primer and finally the high gloss topcoat, it’d cost a fortune to use that system for production parts because of the cost of the paint and all the application steps. The layer thickness would be pretty thick and the service life is 5-10 years on aircraft (the epoxy hardens over time, becomes brittle and flakes off) so not ideal.
    Sure if they went in to production they’d powdercoat them, much more durable and far cheaper.
    The red and blue look nice but I like the classic silver and black.

  8. Yet another for PLEASE DON’T DO IT!

    Thomson is quality and class. Not flash. Colors should only ever be a limited production option (which is always cool for those who are able to get a hold of them, and still manages to not cheapen the brand.)

    To be honest I would prefer only the Silver. Thomson ano Black is so far superior to everyone else in the industry that it became the standard, and now Silver bits are even sometimes hard to get. And it is so nice and shiny, it doesn’t match everyone else’s black.

  9. Ano colors, other than plain blk or silver are lame. If I have a choice I go without or remove it to the natural metal color. Leave the white and stupid ano colors to so called american companies manufacturing in taiwan/china. Thomson PLEASE DO NOT do this. Looks like I am not the only one saying NOOOOO!

  10. PLEASE, bring back 26.0 stems! 31.8 is fine, but looks terrible with a classic skinny tube steel frame. Bars that are bigger than the frame? UGHH! More color options are cool, but more size options are too.

  11. I know the company that did this for LHT. They can do any color you want, like purple. They do Aerospace parts for a living and bicycle parts would be simple. They are NADCAP certified, look it up if you doubt me.

    The best part is for that company to do the “bicycle” parts, LHT “the bicycle part people” would get an “aerospace” certification coming from that Aerospace company . How often can my bike meet NASA certifications? I love it. Please LHT do all colors asked, great product, color enhanced.

    Biking Bob

  12. White would be awesome. I am a huge fan of theirs and would buy a white stem and post tomorrow to replace my black ones.

  13. I really love love love LOVE the white! Silver is still my favorite, but white would be cool. I don’t really like the red and blue, but it’s a nice option.

  14. Holding out on purchasing new stem and post until these beauties hit the shelves. Hurry. Please. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase. pp

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