2012 Ritchey Logic WCS C260 Carbon Fiber Matrix stem

Seems Señor Ritchey held out on us a little when he introduced the new ultralight, ultra strong C260 stem last week.

Now we have word (and photo proof) that it’ll be available in all the colors as their 4-Axis stem, which includes Wet White, Wet Red, Wet Black and Bead Blasted Black. They’ll also have a Carbon Matrix version, shown above – though it’s hard to tell other than the “carbon” wording above WCS in the logo – that has a UD carbon fiber wrap over the alloy body. This adds about 16g but increases stiffness an additional 14%.

MSRP for the alloy is $109.95 in BB black, $119.95 for wet black, and $129.95 for wet white or wet red. The Matrix version is $159.99 and available in UD carbon only. All are available in 1-1/8″ only, though they do have a 1-1/4″ that’s not available to the public thanks to low demand.

Pics of the colors after the break…

2012 Ritchey Logic WCS C260 wet white

2012 Ritchey Logic WCS C260 wet white

2012 Ritchey Logic WCS C260 wet red

2012 Ritchey Logic WCS C260 wet black


  1. Will there be matching handlebars? I’m a big fan of the pro-vibe alloy stem and bars but these look pretty! Especially the wet red, that would look lush on my bike!

  2. As sexy as these look, I see a potential serious drawback… it appears that you’d have to completely unwrap the bars and take off a shiftlever to change out the stem. Seems like a step backward – why even have a removable faceplate then?

  3. @ Matt, with the majority of 31.8mm bars, the clam section is that diameter, but then the bar tapers off, you should only have to slide it an inch or so to the side, then pop it out. It won’t work for all bars, but most should be able to be removed without unwrapping and removing parts.

  4. Great looking stem.

    What about “wing” style handlebars? I can understand that most bars taper off from the clamping point but what about bars such as Ritchey’s very own Evo Curve bar?

    I’m guessing there going to be a handful of bars that won’t fit, but that’s not too bad. Ritchey makes some great stuff.

  5. Aspetto al più presto la serie pro con -17° spero che sia commercializzata con meno problemi di reperibilità rispetto alla serie axis 4 . inoltre speriamo che sia in wcs anche la serie pro.
    sono veramente belli!!

  6. I would not recommend this stem>>bolts are weak and strip easy…trying to install and remove them takes a lot of skill and patience…I can’t seem to get it off my Ritchey Evo Curve stem! headache! I removed my bar tape and still cant seem to get it off…sorry I bought it..hence, the reason I’m trying to get it off..

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