In America, when something isn’t big enough, we build it bigger. Apparently, this design philosophy includes fat bikes as well, for which we should all be happy. Surly finally announced today via their blog, that they will indeed have a new ultra fat bike, the Moonlander!

How do you make an even fatter fat bike? It all starts with Surly’s new Clownshoe 100mm wide singlewall rims. Surly mentioned that they will have rim strips available for the rims in multiple colors, which suggests that the rim will be drilled out so you can actually see the rim strip. Riding on those new 100mm rims, will be the new Surly Big Fat Larry tire, which is a Larry tread that is 4.5″ wide! The rear of the Moonlander will still be an offset design, 28mm in fact, and will apparently need to utilize the new Surly Mr. Whirly double offset crank. Up front however, the front wheel will still use a 135mm wide hub but the fork will not be offset and it will use a front disc brake mount instead of a rear. Moonlander’s dropouts will be the same as the Pugley’s so you will still be able to run geared or singlespeed.

Apparently, the Moonlander isn’t the only gem Surly will be rolling out for 2012, so to keep up with the times, head on over to the source.


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