Rockshox product ambassador Greg Herbold let “slip” that Rockshox is working on a stealth version of the Reverb hydraulically actuated drop seat post for 2013. Trek and Scott are reportedly on board to spec it on one or more models. (shown above is a regular version with the hose out in the open)

The Reverb Stealth will flip the internals to put the valving and controls on the bottom, letting the hose run out the bottom of the post and through the frame. Unless you’re willing to drill holes in your frame like HB, it’ll require a frame made to run it internally. The benefit is a much cleaner looking bike and less chance of snagging the hose.


  1. Since I saw the notice some weeks ago, I’m still figure how will be the installation of the stealth model. If you introduce the seatpost, how will be routed the hose into the hole? If is the other way, ow you will guide the hose to the seat tube top? At the end it will be a profesional task that many mountainbikers couldn’t deal with, because you need (by any of the two ways refered before) to remove any of the hydraulic hose ends, meaning bleeding, adjusting and cutting the hydraulic hose. We know that not many riders enjoy doing so technical tasks, they enjoy riding. For my point of view, this is a nice feature to reduce so many stuff hanging around the bike ang give a clean look. Also Rock Shox has to keep safe the system in case of fall and damage the hose or hook it with any element in the trail, remember that this is an hydraulic line like brakes and not a cable and housing like all the other brands around, that if you fall, hook or try to rip it will be very difficult because the cable inside. For me, niice feature, but just cosmetic the end

  2. I’m really confused… what new information did H-ball let “slip” exactly? Or was this from the news back log?

  3. Fox post is coming. As is an “all new” Crank Brothers one.

    I expect the Fox one to be well make and function well.

    I expect the Crank Brothers one to have nice packaging and pretty colours. (but fail inside a month)

  4. Awesome–they’re working on that instead of fixing the myriad of glaring quality issues with the current crap version. #rolleyes

  5. It would be much better if they could somehow connect the hose to the highest part of the post that does not move (the silver/chrome bit in the picture). Then it could be installed by anyone on any frame and there would be no movement in the hose when the seat gets adjusted.

  6. I hope they fix the current model. That downward facing hose end breaks against the collar if not positioned correctly.

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