Photo submitted by Nir Israeli, “sunrise in Eylat mountains- my Rigid Singular Cycles Swift.”

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  1. Great picture, and it’s Eilat not Elyat or Eylat.
    Been there on my visit to Israel…amazing place that country is.

  2. Beatiful and inspiring landscape with smack of scare…
    Israeli regnancy is violating international laws and provisions in such an alarming way!
    What comes next?

  3. “Israeli regnancy is violating international laws and provisions in such an alarming way!
    What comes next?”

    what the hell are you talking about?!
    do you live here? probably not, so your voice doesn’t really count.
    do NOT judge until you experienced yourself the situation here, get your house bombed every few days and shooting at you for not reason, and then you’ll have the right to make a comment.

  4. LOL@habert
    You really have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Israelis are fighting the war of the modern world against fundamental Islam.
    Have you ever opened a world map? they are a small dot surrounded by huge Arab and Muslim countries.
    while your at it open a history book…you’d be amazed to find that Israel and its people have been here way before everyone else.

    better yet, go visit Israel and open your eyes.

  5. Should i leave a comment, obviously not, I don´t have the right for it.
    First of all: history is made by winners, please be always aware of that

    Aside of this fact, there have been so many perhaps a lot more times of peaceful coexistence.
    So why it isn´t possible to let people help other ones?
    What gives them the right to force international ships in international waters?
    These day and before?
    And don´t argue: in 2010 on Mavi Marmara there have been weapons!…ooops Not!

    And if these alleged weapons aren´t all, why didn´t they show any newer real evidences?
    Is it neccesary to shoot people because of (more probably than not, lacking) slingshots and knifes and humanitarian aid cargo?

    Its seems like the lazy old argument: There sould have been bad weapons in… …ooops Not!
    Truth never comes the straight and easy way to you!

  6. there is an amaizing biking atmosphere and infrastructure for mountain biking in Israel .
    this trail is one of many which recently where ” build” with a lot of attention to protecting the nature and the national forestry org. KKL are making many more ” biking centers ” free to the public .

    great picture ( great rider – i know him ) and realy nice bike ( almost as my NINER 🙂 🙂 )

  7. Sorry Harbert, but you’re ignorance is astonishing.
    First and foremost – not every history book was written by the winning side. some have objective facts. if you’ve ever opened one you’d know that.
    It is so easy to pick a side without knowing a single fact – Israel is a strong and vicious country, and the poor arabs are having a hard time. how convenient, and how amazingly untrue.
    Israel is fighting radical islam all by itself, and because of people like you, who should be smarter but are not, is depicted as the enemy of peace. you know nothing about that.
    If you really want to fight injustice, it is time to open your eyes to the facts.

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