Earlier this year, Tyler came across a small custom shop out of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain. There, Pedro Jerónimo is welding his name into the bicycle industry by producing amazing custom bicycles with titanium his material of choice. Based on Jerónimo’s previous work, if you can draw it, he can probably build it, and all custom tuned to your specific weight, height, and riding style.

While most of Jerónimo’s bikes have been unique titanium road, hardtail mountain, and city bikes, the Chabardo is a full suspension bike that relies on a SDL suspension design by Antonio Osuno which is very similar to VPP. The first Chabardo was a 160mm travel all mountain bike, which has been followed up by this 120mm travel trail bike, but the Chabardo can be built with anything from 100 to 180mm of travel.

Read on for more info on this titanium beauty.


If you were to ask Pedro why titanium over carbon fiber, his response is that he can better tune the build of the bike to the rider through the use of titanium. That, and it’s light, durable, and looks great.

When asked about the suspension configuration, Pedro had this to say, “The Jerónimo Chabardo 120mm model that you can see in the pictures uses a virtual pivot system that can easily be tuned. The lower link configuration gives us a lot of freedom, so we can play with it and adjust the amount of anti-squat needed in each case. Tall riders need around 25% more anti-squat than smaller riders, and you have to take all the gearing possibilities as well as the fitness level of each customer into account. Sometimes the difference between two riders is huge and that’s why you can’t make everyone happy only with one standard configuration. The leverage ratio is a very important parameter, too. We take into account the customer´s riding style, the body weight, and the type of shock that we are going to use.”

Below are the specs for this specific frame, but as all the bikes are custom, this is just an example of what’s possible. This particular bike was built for a tall rider, who isn’t super aggressive on downhills and wanted to use a 2×10 drivetrain.

Frame specifications:
• 3Al 2.5V titanium main frame and rear swingarm.
• 7075 aluminum alloy links.
• Custom geometry based on fit that was performed by Custom4Us for Jerónimo Cycles.
• Custom suspension system by Antonio Osuna.
• 120mm of travel. 190×50 shock (FOX RP23).
• 44mm headtube (compatible with tapered forks).
• BB30PF bottom bracket.
• Direct-mount front deraill
• 4 sealed bearings within each pivot point (16 in total).
• 15mm aluminum alloy axles.
• Frame weight 2.95 kg (size XL).
• Lifetime warranty.


Interested in your own fully custom Ti full suspension rig? Check out Jeronimocycles.com and get your name on the list!



Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)


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