Carbon fiber certainly seems to be at home on many road and mountain bikes, but until now, really hasn’t been utilized for trials. Try-all is hoping to challenge the notion that carbon doesn’t belong on a trials bike wither their new full carbon trials specific fork. In order to ensure the fork is up to par, Try-All enlisted the help of the K124 team to come up with the design. After the first forks had been produced, K124’s best trials riders Vincent Hermance and Gilles Coustellier have been putting the new fork to the test with great results.

According to K124, the carbon fork offers a much higher strength to weight ratio than a comparable aluminum fork. They claim the biggest advantage however, is simply the light weight, 576g vs. around 800g for the best aluminum forks.

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Try-all’s carbon fork doesn’t offer disc tabs, but sticks with the traditional brake bosses to allow the use of Magura’s hydraulic rim brakes.


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