Wilier’s lightest-ever road bike, the new Zero7, which leaked just before the new BH Ultralight, making it the real first bike with the new BB386EVO, and now it’s been announced from Wilier Triestina USA, marking it’s availability (for order, at least) here in the U.S.

Along with the video above and pics after the break, Wilier sent over some clarifications of their role in the development of BB386EVO. In a nutshell, the concept is based on the 30mm spindle originally introduced by Cannondale. Both BH and Wilier approached FSA to develop a wider version based on frame concepts each brand was working on. FSA’s used an 80mm wide BB, Wilier’s 86mm. According to FSA’s blog post, which spells out the saga in much greater detail, all parties agreed that the wider 86mm shell allowed for more retrofit options and with all the desired performance. The result was BB386EVO, an open standard that, from all appearances, looks to be an excellent option for frame and component manufacturers as well as consumers.

That said, at present you have two options. The Wilier Zero7, which is presented in glorious photos after the break, and the BH Ultralight, which we photo’d and weighed at Sea Otter and rode here.

2012 Wilier Zero 7 road bike with BB386EVO bottom bracket

2012 Wilier Zero 7 road bike with BB386EVO bottom bracket


  1. That’s a 6 minute video that tells me absolutely nothing. Where’s the story?

    “Do you (meaning I) want to see more?”

    No, not if its as boring as that video…

    And the bike is a “Zero 7” but it has 8s everywhere. I don’t care that it uses a 386 bottom bracket.

  2. I own a Wilier and love it to absolute bits. They are some of the most stylish bikes ever concieved. With their latest incarnation though, they have moved the bounderies of style to a whole new level. This is without doubt the sexiest bike ever made, pure Italian style but when you look closely, the substance is there as well. My only concern is the price, had this been around the 4 to 5k bracket, I would have had one in my garage already but at a fraction over 8k, its out of most peoples reach. I will be on the hunt for one come December to see what if any deals will be available as the profit margins in these high end machines leave the car industry stranded. Simply stunning machine.

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