2012 Blue Competition Cycles Triad SL triathlon tt bike

While more well known companies like Specialized, Cervelo and Scott have all been putting out lightweight aero bikes lately, Blue Competition Cycles has been refining their existing aero bikes to make them lighter.

The Triad TT/Triathlon bike line (Triad SL shown above) get carbon layup and materials updates to drop some serious weight across the range, and their AC1 aero road bikes and Axino road bikes also drop weight and stiffer frames, with the Axino SL dropping below 1kg.

While the aerodynamics don’t change for 2012, their recent hiring of Mike Giraud from A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC (who we met when we watched George Hincapie test his new skinsuits) suggest things are in store. For now, though, check the rather sweet looking lineup with all the tech details after the break…

2012 Blue Competition Cycles Triad SL triathlon tt bike 2012 Blue Competition Cycles Triad SL triathlon tt bike

The Triad SL gets a new carbon layup and mix of 30T and 40T carbon to bring the frame down from 1580g to 1300g. The overall frame stiffness remained the same, as did the shape. In fact, it uses the same mold. It also gets a new nude matte black carbon color option. Available as a frameset with fork, custom carbon spacers, rear brake and seatpost for $4,000 for either mechanical or electronic drivetrains. Two complete bikes: SRAM Red Black for about $9000 and a Dura-Ace Di2 for $11,700.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles Triad EX triathlon tt bike

The new Triad EX and Triad SP now use the same mold as the SL but use different carbon fibers and layups and uses a normal fork rather than their bayonet version.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles Triad SP triathlon tt bike

The Triad SP frame is about 1730g and will retail for about $2,800 complete, spec is yet to be finalized. The EX frame is about 1,580g and will retail between $4,200 for Force and $4,700 with Ultegra Di2.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles Triad AL triathlon tt bike

Fourth in line is the Triad AL, which brings back their first alloy triathlon frame in three years. Thank the economy for the “budget” model offering, it’ll come in at $1,500 for the complete bike that comes in at 20lbs, and Chris Pic, product designer, says a lot of that weight is in the wheels. The frame looks very similar to their carbon models and is highly upgradeable as people get into triathlon more.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles AC1 aerodynamic road bike

The AC1 aero road bike has been redesigned for 2012. In the past, they sacrificed a bit of stiffness in order to improve aerodynamics. Now, they’ve gone through it head to toe.

The head tube has gone from straight 1.125″ to tapered 1.125″-to-1.25″. They increased the length of the section behind the headtube, which improved stiffness and let them increase the height of the down tube from 4cm to 5cm. It uses their Superflow Tube Tchnology, which gives the seatstays, down tube and fork legs a constantly varying tube profile to improve aerodynamics. The BB area is stiffer, too, thanks to the larger down tube and an increased seat tube depth allowing for a larger contact area. The combined effect also made the frame lighter.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles AC1 aerodynamic road bike

At the seat tube and top tube junction, they wrapped more carbon around the tubes to strengthen and smooth the area. The prior frame was 1300g, the new one is 1080g and Blue says that’s with no loss in stiffness but a much better ride quality. (overall stiffness bench tests show virtually identical numbers, but subjective tests they’ve done suggest it’s much more surefooted)

It’ll come with a 20mm setback seat post option, and a 0 degree option will be available aftermarket. Frameset is $2,400 (frame, fork, HS and a post). There will be an Ultegra Di2 model for about $4,800 (not set in stone) and a Force group will be $4,200.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles AC1 SL aerodynamic road bike

There’s also the AC1 SL that uses a higher end carbon that went from 1150g to 1040g using the same changes. Frameset is $3,750, also available with SRAM Red build for $7,950 (14.5lbs with Reynolds deep carbon wheels) and DA Di2 for $10,500.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles AC1 SL aerodynamic road bike

Both models have either mechanical or electronic frames, so you’ll need to order what you really want. Frame comes in six different sizes.

2012 Blue Competition Cycles AC1 SL aerodynamic road bike

Notice any similarities in the dropped downtube design?

Not shown, the Axino SL gets a new matte black color option and goes from 1024g tp 950g by changing up the layup schedule and modifying the mix of 30T and 40T carbon fiber. The complete bike with Red is $7,195 and weighs in at 13.8lbs.

The new Axino EX uses a monocoque carbon frame to bring the Axino line down to a more price point offering. Frame weight is 1220g and comes in at $1500 for frame and carbon tapered fork. Build kits and pricing for complete bikes arent set yet.

Down from the EX is the alloy Axino AL. It’s still BB30 and keeps the full carbon fiber tapered fork. Frame/fork/HS is $700 and fully built with Tiagra/FSA spec is $1,500 and weighs in at 20lbs 11oz (56).

What do you think?