I originally saw these last year at Interbike, but I didn’t have a chance to stop by and check them out. What caught my eye was, not surprisingly, their unique construction and look. Based on a similar material to D30, G-Form pads rely on PORON® XRD™ which remains flexible and comfortable, until it is hit. Once impacted the material reacts almost instantly, able to absorb up to 90% of the impact.

It seems that the G-Form product line is growing rapidly, but it’s not just for bikes. By Googling G-Form you will most likely come across their laptop or Ipad cases, which are shown fighting off the impacts from bowling balls, or drops off of a deck. Now most likely you won’t be encountering any bowling balls out on your ride, but you get the idea.

Check out the full line of flexible body armor after the break!

Also shown above, the G-Form shin offers nearly complete shin protection in a comfortable one piece sleeve around your leg. Like all G-Form armor, there are no uncomfortable straps or buckles, just a stretchy compression sleeve with the Poron XRD exoskeleton molded to the outside.







The G-Form knee pad while shown on a skateboarder, would be equally at home on a bicyclist as well. Due to the construction of the pad, the material moves with the joint creating a dynamic fit. That’s of course until an impact, when it stiffens up to absorb the energy. In case you are wondering, the pads go right back to their flexible state immediately after and impact.






Last but not least, the G-Form Elbow pad. This is probably my favorite, as elbow pads are probably the most annoying piece of armor to wear. The idea of a added layer of protection, that you can hardly notice is definitely appealing.

Yup, it’s $39.99







There you have it, three unique alternatives to the standard body armor for mountain biking. They also make a few more cycling oriented products, but to see those you’ll have to head over to G-Form to check them out yourself!



  1. I like the idea of having a sleeve rather than velcro for armor. Although, this stuff doesn’t look it could handle a lot of abrasion without getting thrashed.

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