It’s become somewhat of a tradition for Trek to show off some fancy paint jobs made especially for a big event, and the 2011 Tour de France will be no different. This time however, none of the bikes will belong to Lance, though rather than relying on one guy, this year Trek has two powerhouse teams ready to take on the Alps.

Leading the charge will be the big 3 from Leopard Trek, the Schleck brothers and Cancellara, who all get their own custom paint. For the Schleck brothers it’s a classy, modern paint job with the Lions of Luxembourg and two hammers representing the Schleck’s tenacious work ethic. Frank and Andy are undoubtedly proud to represent their country, which is apparent throughout the design of the bike. Cancellara gets a bit wilder paint scheme, as Trek teamed up with Hydro74 to create an eye catching tribute to Spartacus on both the Madone 6.9 SSL and the Speed Concept 9.9.

Team RadioShack doesn’t get any one off customs, but they do get a new livery for the entire team. The design has quite a bit more white than previous versions, and will likely compliment the team kit.

Check out all of the beautiful bikes after the break!

Much like the team kit, the Schleck’s bikes are very understated and modern. If you’re digging any of these designs, you are in luck: apparently each of these designs will be available through Trek’s Project One custom bike program, starting July 1.


It isn’t clear however, whether you will be forced into getting Frank or Andy’s name on the top tube if you get this paint scheme through Project One. If you are, I guess you would be in luck if your name was Frank or Andy.


Now on to Spartacus’ Madone. All of the typical elements of the Gladiators are there, the helmet, shield, and spear. If you look closely you will also see the Swiss cross, along with 7 spears which represent Fabien’s lucky number.

Cancellara’s Speed Concept 9.9 also gets the Spartacus treatment.

Last but not least, the new Shack team bike. Not quite as flashy as the bikes above, but still a clean paint job. Look for all of these bikes at the Tour, and the paint schemes at Project One.


  1. Spartacus was a roman slave that rebelled to the roman emperor with a lot of toher slaves!! And was killed at the end.
    Absolutely wasn’t a spartan warrior!!!!

  2. No Schwalbe tubulars on Leopard bikes? Has something changed in the last few months or did they just use Bontragers in a photo shoot?

  3. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than previous attempts at custom paint by Trek. I’m not a Trek fan, but these look nice. Well done.

  4. @mkrs It’s wearing the Evoke MTB saddle too, I think it’s just a photo shoot thing.

    I like the Shack bike, those are the graphics the team bikes should have had the whole time.

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