New for 2012, Camelbak has two tone-matched freeride packs, the Agent and Asset, complete with color-matched insulation sleeve for the hose. They’ve also got a new Charge LR lightweight XC-oriented pack that borrows the lumbar reservoir of the Octane LR’s but gives it a taller cargo section with more room for a pump/shock pump and rain jacket.

I rode with the Charge LR at PressCamp and really liked it. Having the water weight sit lower is quite comfortable, albeit slightly more challenging to fill in a hurry, and the hose runs through the pack and over the shoulder, which is a nice change from the Octane’s under the pack hose run (The Octane’s really more of a running/multisport pack anyway). Interior pocket size and placement is also really, really good, fitting an iPhone into the Velcro’s mesh pockets perfectly and keeping it in easy reach without having to take the pack completely off. The side panels have zippered pockets with plenty of storage for gels, etc. The exterior material is their super light Mini Ripstop with DWR coating.

Now, if Delta could just locate my suitcase, I’d be able to spend a little more quality time with it and all the other schwag I got from PressCamp…AAAAARRRGH!

What do you think?