mmm... Zircal. there are 24 of these, but only two have the cool printing.

Hot on the heels of Tyler’s introductory post comes a package from the good folks at Mavic containing a set of 2012 Crossmax ST wheels  A raceably-light trail wheelset, the redesigned STs use Mavic’s new ITS-4 freewheel, which manages 7.5º engagement and a nice high-end sound.  15g of dried Stans over their claimed 1590g weight, our set is now mounted up and ready to roll.  Hit the jump for more macro mode non-studio photos…

10g tubeless valve stem at from the UST originators. beautifully machined rims are now 20g lighter and 19mm wide (inside) to better support fat tires.
a mix of white and chrome makes for a cool looking logo (12 places).
it was getting dark, but this is the pair. 15qr front, QR rear as stock.
pretty color, pretty sound. better bearing support of the freehub too- no cassette wobble here.

Given their early delivery, we should have plenty of miles and a review in before the STs are available for fall delivery at $799.



  1. These might be nice rims but from their looks they dont interest me. They have an aesthetic appeal I would expect from the 80’s.

  2. Russell- high-end sound is another way of saying clickety. Think I9, DT Swiss, or Crank Brothers. Most high-end wheelsets have a distinctive, clear sound. That’s all…


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