I grabbed my first pair of Swiftwick socks from Embrocation Cycling Journal, which is my go-to timetowastesomepaypalfunds shop, and was instantly in love. Every other sock I owned joined the general population and I will only wear these for riding now. It’s hard to explain exactly why, especially since most people say, “oh it’s just socks,” but they’re just better. Try them. But first, check out my thoughts on the wool version after the jump…

After much whining, begging and pleading, I convinced our shop to carry them and to welcome us to the family, they sent over a few pairs for the employees. That included a pair of the 4″ Merinos, which promptly were tossed into the winter drawer. I’ve got other wool socks, and they are always too warm for most of the year in Southern California, so I reserve them for cold and/or wet. However, while speaking to Melissa at Swiftwick, she convinced me to give them a try, no matter the weather. According to her, the folks down there wear them into the 90’s.

So I took her advice, and was not disappointed.

They are thicker than the Olefins, which was a little off-putting, but they end up being extremely comfortable. Like their other socks, they have a strange balance of cushion without feeling cushioned. They wick the moisture away quickly, so I never felt the ever-hated Sweaty Foot Syndrome.  Almost every time I wear my other wool socks, I find myself at some point during the ride wondering why I wore them, but not this time. Sure, I still reach for my Olefins more often, but that’s a mental hangup. They have one MAJOR advantage over the Olefins; they don’t stink up nearly as quickly or much. I can honestly wear them for two days, but that’s nasty so I try not to.

Sidenote: my wife and I recently took a weekend trip to Washington, DC and I took nothing but Swiftwicks. If you’ve been there, you can appreciate the copious amounts of walking required to see all the monuments and such. Not once did my feet bother me, and it was 85°F with what felt like 100% humidity (it was probably only 80%, but here in SoCal, we call that “raining”).

EDIT: one of my co-contributors here at Bike Rumor, Marc Basiliere, sent over this photo of him wearing these socks too. His comment was, “those socks are the bomb.”


  1. How much do they cost? Other than they aren’t as hot as you thought they would be… any other comments? And is your foot jammed into your wheel for some reason???

  2. Cost varies based on length; from $15 to $30 for the wools, and they are available directly from Swiftwick.

    Not really any other comments, no. They say the best gear is the stuff you can put on and forget about it. These socks fit into that category.

    And that’s me sitting on the train, during my commute to work. Space is an issue, so my foot is in the wheel, yes…

  3. I wear Swiftwick socks almost exclusively when I ride, the merino and Olefin versions. The merino socks are suitable for summer riding in SoCal although can be too warm with black shoes on the most sunny days. I prefer the merino socks because of the fit and cushion mentioned above, but often wear white Olefins. I want Swiftwick to make white (or nearly so) merino socks to satisfy my vanity – white shoes, white socks.

  4. I got my first pair of Swiftwicks last year. They on their website that they are the best you will wear guaranteed or they are free. I really wanted to prove them wrong to get some free socks but….. They were right! I use to be a Defeet fan (still am) but these make me forget all about them. Like you said you can put on and forget about it. I’m slowly replacing my entire drawer of socks with them. Who needs dress socks when you can rock these things! Now if they would just respond to my sponsorship request…hahaha

  5. I picked up a pair at the first SSCXWC and have been using them heavily since then – they’re my favourite socks and holding up very well.

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