tallac designs and king cage behold bottle cage accessory tool bag

Tallac Designs and King Cage have collaborated on the new Behold tool pouch that fits under any bottle cage.

Available through King Cage for $35, the Behold uses a tubular stainless steel construction with a ballistic nylon bag that’s been coated for water resistance. It’s designed to hold a road tube, two tire levers, mini tool, CO2 with adapter and a patch kit. The goal, according to Tallac, was to replace the saddle bag or give additional storage options for touring bike riders that want to fit more on the bike and less in a backpack or trailer. We can see it coming in handy for endurance racers, too.

It’s made in the USA of US-sourced materials. Additional sizes and options will be released at Interbike this year. More pics after the break…

tallac designs and king cage behold bottle cage accessory tool bag

tallac designs and king cage behold bottle cage accessory tool bag

The bag is held in place via two small hook-and-loop tabs on either end. They recommend placing it on the downtube only. To install, you attach the bottle cage of your choice first using the included nuts and bolts, then secure to your bike. Our test sample came with a SS King Cage pre-attached, which made installation on the bike impossible with a multitool…you’ll need a long allen wrench to reach through the bottle cage to tighten it to the frame.

tallac designs and king cage behold bottle cage accessory tool bag weight


  1. I purchased this product and for the price ($40 when shipped) the quality of the welding could be a lot nicer. looks as if the welds were done by a 3 year old or something. Also I have yet to be able to put a tube, 2 levers, mini tool and CO2 pump into this and get the bag back into place as shown. There is not enough room for all that to fit. The head of a CO2 pump will simply not fit. I could not even get 2 levers, the smallest tool I own and a co2 pump in the bag and fit between the steel pieces. That being said i will donate this bag to a local race as a give away swag, since it will function as I expected

  2. Is this a re-post from two years ago when this item came out? just checking…im pretty sure nobody cared back then either.

  3. Tyler,
    Thanks for the review. We stand behind our products and have tested with them riders to assure they meet the expectations. So if any consumer has questions or concerns we welcome them so we can make sure we offer the best products. Please contact me personally at tallacdesign@gmail for any product questions or concerns we work with to be completely satisfied.
    Also on our website page it shows a recommended layout for the tube and tools. Currently it only fits a 700cc tube but we are working on a larger bag option to fit 26” Tubes.
    Joshua Tack at Adventure Cycling did an independent a review to confirm this:
    Tallac Design claims that you can fit into the pouch a 700c road tube, 16 gram CO2 cartridge with refill head, and two tires levers. I was happy to learn that this is true, even when running a wide 700×32 touring tire. Properly organized, there’s even a little space left over for a small patch kit and some road money, though it’s a snug fit. http://blog.adventurecycling.org/2011/01/behold-tallac-behold.html
    Allen Young
    Founder of Tallac

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