Just about 10 days ago, Campagnolo released their new Bullet line of Aluminum/carbon clinchers in various depths. It should come as no surprise then that Fulcrum, which is Campy’s non-Campy branded line up, would also introduce the new wheel line. For the Fulcrum brand, the new wheels are called Red Wind and will be offered in all of the same models as the Bullet; 50, 80, 105, and 50mm CX.

Also like the Bullets, the Red Winds will have a lower and higher end (XLR) model of most wheels, and all XLR models will also be 2-Way Fit tubeless compatible. The Red Wind series will use the same carbon technology as the Bullets, including DRMC (Direction Rim Spoke Coupling), which Campy says allows the rim, spokes, nipples and hub to align properly with equal tension.

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Essentially, the only real difference between the Bullets and the Red Winds is a different spoking pattern, and slight differences in the hub. Instead of using the G3 spoke pattern that Campagnolo’s wheels are known for, the Fulcrum wheels use Fulcrum’s 2:1 lacing pattern which results in 2 drive side spokes for every non-drive side spoke on the rear wheel. The front wheels of both groups are radial laced. Just like the Bullets, the Red Winds use a carbon aero profile to offer a very stiff, responsive ride while offering the benefits of an aluminum braking surface along with clincher and tubeless compatibility.

Hub wise, both the Red Wind and Red Wind XLR get the option for both standard sealed bearings and the nicer USB ceramic balls, while the XLR wheels get the additional option for Campy’s top of the line CULT bearing system. In addition, the XLR wheels also receive an aluminum axle which serves to reduce the weight to the point that it offsets the weight of the 2-way fit system. Also, the XLRs will be offered in both the standard Bright Label colors, along with the Dark Label graphics as well.

Like all Fulcrum wheels, the Red Winds have the option for Campy or Shimano freehub bodies.


Red Wind 50: 1755g, 18 spoke front, 21 spoke rear.

Red Wind 80: 1950g, 16 spoke front, 18 spoke rear.


Red Wind XLR 50: 1590g (same weight for both clincher, and 2-way fit for all wheels), 18 spoke front, 21 spoke rear.

Red Wind XLR 80: 1790g, 16 spoke front, 18 spoke rear.

Red Wind XLR 105: 1998g (928g, 1,070g), 16 spoke front, 18 spoke rear.

Red Wind XLR CX 50: 1610g, 18 spoke front, 21 spoke rear. Double sealed steel ball bearing for CX racing.



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