Since starting my other site, Crashfit, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about proper exercise form. It’s amazing how many common exercises are absolutely terrible for your spine’s short- and long-term health.

And, from my own experience with periods of solid core exercise followed by periods of solid slacking, a strong core not only makes you faster on the bike, but it keeps back pain away.

Foundation, by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park and published by Rodale, is a new book that’s refreshingly well put together. It combines great graphics and photos with easy to read and understand info on the hows and whys of your back and core structure, what causes pain and poor posture and performance, and some workouts to strengthen the entire midsection of your body. Which, of course, means strengthening most of your body because everything’s interdependent. Oh, and there’s not a crunch or sit up to be found anywhere in the tome’s 274 pages. If you’re looking to improve on the bike (or any other sport) or just get rid of common back pain, it’s worth a look.

MSRP is $22.99, but it’s on Amazon for $13.54 or $9.99 for Kindle.

What do you think?