camelbak insulated filtered better bottle water bottlesCamelbak has two new Better Bottles, the Groove with an inline water taste filter (right) and an insulated version.

The Groove retails for $25 and comes with one filter cartridge, which appears to be the same filter that works in their inline hose filters for the hydration pack. It’s for cleaning up the taste only, not making bad water safe to drink. I’ve tried the pack version and it works as advertised. Bottle size is 0.6L (20oz) and, like all their bottles, is BPA free and has a lifetime guarantee.

The Better Bottle Insulated also holds 20oz, retails for $20 and uses a non-airtight double wall construction. It’s not a full vacuum sealed number like their stainless steel ones, but it does help keep things cooler than normal and reduces condensation.

Both have their spill-proof flip closure with carry hook, and both come in various colors.

What do you think?