OK, maybe not infinity, but when running the Sigma POWERLED EVO the next 325 feet will certainly be illuminated.  This compact, lightweight (140g claimed) light is a “dream come true for night riders.”  Sigma has focused all 900 lumens through a specially designed lens that gives you both long distance visibility, as well as lighting up the immediate trail and sides.  The light is housed in resilient weatherproof aluminum housing.  And, with four modes of operations, there should be a setting to meet the needs of just about any cyclist.  Expect a run time of 3 to 11 hours from the lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.  Tool free installation is a plus, and there are included mounts for both your helmet and handlebar.  Plunk down $249.99 to make this your very own.

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Compact and Powerful Lighting

The new POWERLED EVO from SIGMA USA is a dream come true for night riders.  This compact super bright light will illuminate any terrain and help guide the rider safely through the woods or on the road.

The POWERLED EVO utilizes multi-chip LED technology and custom optics to provide light output up to 900 lumens.   The lens design generates superior broad long distance visibility while also lighting up the immediate vicinity and sides.  The POWERLED EVO features durable weatherproof aluminum housing and low weight. With 4 modes of operation, there is a setting to meet the needs of all cyclists in any environment.

The POWERLED EVO comes with the new IION XL rechargeable battery pack.  The temperature resilient lithium-ion technology yields a high energy ratio and a low self discharge rate.  With the compact, universally mountable IION XL battery, burn times range from 3 to 11 hours.  An integrated multi-stage battery capacity indicator and switch on protection will help ensure that the rider is never left in the dark.

The POWERLED EVO comes with a helmet and handlebar mount and features effortless tool free installation.  The light is horizontally adjustable for complete flexibility.  For superior brightness partnered with extra long burn time, check out a SIGMA POWERLED EVO.



Set includes: POWERLED EVO, IION XL, Charger, Helmet & Handlebar Mount



  1. Because in a year or two the Magicshine will be dead due to poor engineering? LED lights are evolving at a rapid clip, so perhaps having to get a new one every 12-24 months is worth it at just $100.

  2. +1. Magicshine build quality is terrible. I own the Sigma PowerLED EVO 900. Build quality is top notch. Ditto the helmet and handlebar mounts. More importantly, the Sigma’s optics are really good at providing a very even long throw artifact free beam with enough side spill.

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