Finish Line gear Floss bicycle cassette cleaning toolFinish Line has just announced their new Gear Floss.

Each pack of twenty 20″ microfiber robes costs $6.99, and the ropes are stretchable, washable and reuseable. They don’t have the handy finger loops like the SpinPower ones, but they should be able to squeeze between chain links for the truly anal retentive cyclist.

Here’s the official blurb:

“Finish Line Technologies has a new  product to improve cyclists’ overall shifting performance. Gear Floss is an easy solution to cleaning debris and grime from bicycle gears. It’s a washable, microfiber rope that removes abrasive contaminants that build up on gear sets, derailleur pulleys and pedal cranks.”


  1. @ Bikerumor, when you test these, can you these against ordinary pipe cleaners just to see how much better they are?

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