new Maxxis High Roller II 26x2.4 DH mountain bike tires with dual compound tread casing

Maxxis just unveiled their new High Roller II triple compound DH mountain bike tire. The Steve Peat approved design gets visually subtle changes to the tread block shaping via sipes, new edge shapes and earlier engagement for the side knobs. It’ll initially come in only a 26×2.4 size with either their 3C Triple Compound (70a/42a/40a) tread or a MaxxPro 60a single compound tread, both with 2-ply DH casings. These will be available in a couple weeks, and additional sizes and formats will follow.

We could try to fill this with words, but the images after the break tell the story…

maxxis high roller and high roller II dh mountain bike tire comparison chart and specs

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Pro racers Jill Kintner (Transition Racing) said “the tire felt like its cornering ability performed above expectation in dry conditions… plenty of traction on flat-ish, skatey terrain as well,” and Peat said the rolling resistance was improved and impressive.


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