After the Red Bull Crossroads, the latest video that proves Aaron Chase isn’t only about huge jumps and big tricks is a little GoPro footage from Machu Picchu, Peru! Riding from village to village aboard the new Cannondale Jekyll, Chase and his crew look to be having a blast while rocketing down some incredible terrain.


  1. Its Peru, but not Machu Picchu. Thats a good thing because riding through Machu Picchu would be like riding over the faces of Mt. Rushmore.

  2. I am all for riding in beautiful places and exotic locations but I am very disheartened as a mountain biker when I see riders riding off trail and doing eviromental damage. If inconsiderate riders keep doing this pretty soon we will have no place left to ride. If the mountain bike community doesn’t start self policing it’s own riders legislatures and law enforcement will do it force and we won’t like the results.

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