raleigh sscxwc single speed cyclocross world championships carbon bike frameset

Word from Raleigh says their sponsorship deal with the SSCXWC comes to a close for the year on Monday, June 13. What that means to those of you that have been hemming and hawing on getting your own copy of the carbon singlespeed cyclocross frameset while supporting the SSCX World Championships is that you better plunk down now or you’ll be paying more.

Once they go offline at the SSCXWC website, they (likely along with all of Raleigh’s carbon frames…or so we hear) will get a price bump when they appear back on Raleigh’s site. While on SSCXWC’s site, all proceeds go to the event. Come Monday, they’ll be at full MSRP through authorized Raleigh dealers.

Or, you could just wait until this prototype hits dealers for the latest and greatest.

What do you think?