Photo submitted by Fabien de Serres, “I had my first ride with my new bike today, on the climbs of the French Riviera near Cannes, and I thought I would share the view I had just before the sun started to set behind the mountains… On another subject, I switch from a 2010 Tarmac Elite, to a Tarmac SL3 S-Works, and it’s insane how much more pleasure I get from the SL3… this thing is like a sharp blade cutting through the road.”

Click ‘more’ for some amazing views from his ride, and yes, a gratuitous pic of his new ride.

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  1. ” and yes, a gratuitous pic of his new ride.”

    Hehehe, I love that part, but most of all, thank you for sharing my photos 🙂
    I’m probably going to try my first climb of Mont Ventoux next week, and I’ll send some photos if I manage to get to the top 🙂

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