2012 Whyte Bikes 146F freeride carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike sneak peek spyshot

Whyte Bikes’ just posted a few sneak peeks at their 2012 bikes, shot while doing their catalog photo shoot, which means what you see here is headed for production and should be available later this year (or at least made official at the tradeshows).

Above, the partial shot at the new 146F shows enough to tell us that the 146 line is getting a matte/gloss black version and a new carbon fiber upper linkage. If we were betting folks, our guess is the 1×10 with chainguide and the  “F” in the name mean it’s a Freeride version, but the promo video it still calling it a long travel XC bike. The carbon Easton Haven wheels back that up.

Jump past the break for what looks to be a production ready disc-brake equipped cyclocross bike and their new 810 hardtail MTB…

2012 Whyte Bikes disc brake cyclocross bike sneak peek spyshot

This bike hasn’t been much of a secret. We posted some early photos here, but here’s what’s likely to be on showroom floors this ‘cross season…at least in the UK.

2012 Whyte Bikes 810 hardtail race mountain bike sneak peek spyshot

For the diehards, there’s the new 810 hardtail cross country bike, which looks like a better spec’d version of their X8/809 model.

What do you think?