We met Miles Davison of WashCycleLaundry and “Maestro of Motor-Free Transport”, at the Bilenky JunkYard Cross Race this past winter and got his card while standing in line to get our breakfast tacos (yes, and they were delicious). Philadelphia has the same aches and pains of cities across the nation these days, but it’s folks like these at WashCycleLaundry that are truly making a difference. For starters, here’s the description of their business on their website:

Wash Cycle Laundry is a laundry business and a social enterprise. We entered this business to green every step of doing laundry, from the means of delivery to the equipment and detergents. We’re also striving to create meaningful, upwardly mobile careers for Philadelphians.

Best idea for a bicycle business since Nebraska Supersonic! Check them out and use their service if you’re in Philadelphia. Besides doing your personal laundry, they also clean corporate linens and make a great service for property managers to offer as a benefit for their tenants.

What do you think?