2011 Eddy Merckx Anniversary Edition EMX-7 racing road bike

Somehow, we don’t see this ever, ever showing up at your local crit. A Gran Fondo, maybe, but even that’s a stretch given that eventually, it would have to lean against a pole somewhere while the proud owner grabbed a snack or ducked into the loo.

The Anniversary Edition Eddy Merckx EMX-7, of which only one has made it into the states, will set someone back $22,000. It comes decked out with full carbon (as in hub, spokes and rims) Lightweight wheels with Eddy’s signature and the names of the races he’s won scribbled on the rear one. Weight is 14lbs 4oz.

The frame is the same one Tom Boonen is racing this year with Quick-Step and has an integrated aero seatmast. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, too.


  1. Remeber when Lightweight wheels were exclusive like 80-90″s BMW M3’s… Now, not so much. $22K for a bike that looks like every $5-7K bike???

  2. My wife and I visited the Merckx factory during the Tour of Flanders and saw this bad boy in the showroom. Absolutely AMAZING!!! Also, saw a few other prototypes they were working on. We were told that Robin Williams has one; not sure if that’s the “one” they were talking about making it to the states.

  3. The frame must be a real porker 14.4lbs?!? Give a weight weenie $22k and they will deliver a bike that would beat the pants off this one.

    Also, where did they get that price? Nothing on this bike warrants that sort of price. You could buy all of these components and have them custom painted for less.

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