Prototype Profile Racing road and cyclocross hub

Incredibly well known in the BMX world for their prolific cranks and durable hubs, Profile Racing looks to be branching out into the road an CX market with a new rear hub. Details are slim, but expect the hub to have 6 pawl instant engagement, and in a poking a little fun at Chris King, Profile Tweeted that it may sound like Angry Wasps.

The new hub should be available in 24, 28, and 32 holes and like almost all Profile products, they will be made in the US. Expect them, soonish. We’ll keep you covered.


  1. hope it doesn’t break like their crappy “fixed gear” hubs. 4 broken flanges, 1 bothed paint job. no warranties on any of them. no trick riding either, just city riding.

    what a joke. stick to cranks.

  2. Broken flanges usually mean too high spoke tension. It is wrong to fault P.R. for what seems like poor wheel builds. In case you’ve been living under a rock(maybe!) Profile has been making hubs for years. Their reputation is fantastic, especially in the BMX racing crowd. Hub flanges fail for at least three reasons, and in order of likelihood, they are: abnormally high spoke tension(>130kgf), unsuitability for use, stamped spokes, re-using hubs(lacing opposite) and defective material. After number 2 they probably gave up helping you because you acted unprofessionally.

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