2012 White Brothers Loop suspension forks now avaiable for 26 and 650b and coming soon for 29er

MRP and White Brothers shared a little pop up tent tucked away in the team pit area and I didn’t get over there until the end of the last day (at the expense of seeing One Ghost…sorry, David), but they had quite a spread of new goodies.

Introduced at Interbike, White Brothers’ new Loop suspension fork is now shipping in the 26″ and 650B size, and the 29er version is coming in June or July. Above is the first casting ever of the 29er lowers. All sizes share the new magnetic internals, same price tag and a very interesting 1″ steerer tube option!

There’s lots more to see behind the break, including some custom aftermarket anodization of Rohloff’s internally geared hubs with matching rims that are H-O-T and several new chainguides from MRP that should appeal to the XC geeks as well as the gravity hounds…

The Loop forks will all come with only their QTapeR15 tool-free thru axle, which is pretty stout looking in person.

Compression controls are on the top, rebound’s on the bottom. Forks will come in black or white with color-matched crowns and a very foxy looking blue knob color.

The 29er travel options will be 80/100/120 and a 130/140, internally adjustable with spacers. Others as shown here:

2012 White Brothers Loop Suspension fork specs and weight

Yep, that says 1″ steerer option, making this just about the only modern suspension fork option for upgrading an old frame. For a refresher on that “Aura Magnetic Valve Tech”, check out this post.


2012 MRP G2SL carbon fiber chainguide

Shown above, the new G2SL Carbon chain guides are prototypes and will be tested soon, likely released in a couple months. They had two sizes on display, this one’s the smaller version.

2012 MRP G2SL carbon fiber chainguide

The larger size comes in 18g heavier. For the existing alloy backed G2SL, you’ll have color options: green, blue and orange (at right, click to enlarge). Sizes are 36T and 40T, is 9- and 10-speed compatible and works with BB mount, ISCG and ISCG05. Current model is $150, so expect the carbon one to be more.

2012 MRP G2SL S4 prototype singlespeed downhill mountain bike chainguide

The new S4 is modern interpretation of their classic design and it’s in production now. Much lighter (half the weight) with smaller diameter rollers, easier to install and adjust, extremely quiet. The XCG 40 is a new size bash guard to accommodate new 2×10 cranksets with smaller rings – shown mounted on a bike below:

2012 MRP XCG 2x10 mountain bike crankset bashguard

Not shown: D-Mount 1X for Shimano’s direct mount, mounts directly to the frame in lieu of a front derailleur. They also have some new medium angle chainguides for full suspension bikes like Santa Cruz, Niner and Intense.


custom anodized color rohloff internally geared hubs with matching colored alloy rims

These custom anodized Rohloff internally geared hubs with matching colored alloy rims weren’t directly from Rohloff, but my notes have failed me on the shop that does this work. Their booth was right next to Spot Brand Bikes, and I’ll update with more info as soon as I figure it out. Anyone know? Update: It’s Cyclemonkey!


  1. I know CycleMonkey has done work like that on Rohloffs in the past. Very good looking stuff. No clue if they were there though.

  2. the 1″ steerer option is kinda cool, but I don’t know of many older steel frames that used more than 63mm of travel.

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