Oh, snap! Here we go…

This is video from CBS’ 60 minutes’ interview with Tyler Hamilton’s concerning his testimony about Lance Armstrong’s possible use of performance enhancing drugs and his admission that Armstrong doped. Part 2 after the break, along with links…

Just in case the videos aren’t playing, here’s the link to CBS’ website.

And the UCI denies Hamilton’s testimony, read their statement here.


  1. The Feds forced Tyler Hamilton into this position and by offering him any immunity should negate any testimony … He’s washed up and been busted twice and now he wants to come out against Lance ?!?! Please ! He’s looking for money that’s all no more no less … He has NO interest in improving cycling , he’s just looking out for himself ….

  2. Alright, so you can throw out Hamilton’s tale because “he’s lied before..blah, blah, blah”, and the same with Landis…..but what will the excuse be when “Big George” spills his story?

  3. If you think Lance was clean all those years he was winning…then you guys are a bunch of DOPES!!! Lance is a dirty racer. He always has been. Power and Money went to his head turning him into a complete Douche the past 4 years. Kristen, his ex-wife had a few things to say to the Investigators. Big George I would bet my life on is telling the truth. Lance’s house of cards are about to come tumbling down. In short, its a super sad story.

  4. When all is said and done Lance is crooked. His early story allowed a bunch of corporate opportunists to jump on his bandwagon and proceed to massage his career to mutual advantage. The reality is that both you and I have no idea what Tiger Woods or Lance are really like given what Nike, Oakley, Trek, and others tell us they are like. He is animal on the bike and best dirty cyclist of his generation. The fact that everyone around him was dirty and the myriad of other facts makes his guilt only a matter of time- if you think not, then you probably still think that Osama is alive and Arnold has four kids all by Maria.

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