2011 Oakley Limited Edition Echelon Jawbone sunglasses with photochromic lenses for bike shop dealers only

We all know how independent bike shops hate competing with the big chain stores of the world. Afterall, how can you outsell Wal-mart’s 99¢ Clif Bars when that’s almost your wholesale cost?

Oakley feels ya, so they’ve put their limited edition Echelon Jawbone and Radar sunglasses on the faces of Levi Leipheimer, Andy Schleck and Chris Horner during the Tour of California and made them for IBD retail only. Both have a carbon-fiber look frame with interchangeable lenses and come with Ruby VR50 Photochromic lenses installed…the same lenses that George Hincapie and others are rockin’. Retail on both are $250.

They also released their new Fast Jacket at Sea Otter, which is a smaller frame with two lens sizes. Photo of that and the Radar after the break, along with the PR blurb…

2011 Oakley Limited Edition Echelon Radar sunglasses with photochromic lenses for bike shop dealers only

PRESS RELEASE: With its True Carbon finish, this Oakley Echelon edition leaves ordinary sunglasses in a slipstream of style. The look is a high salute to the carbon fiber technology that creates insanely lightweight bikes for the pro peloton. You’ll be the one to watch because we gave the look an ultra POP factor, enriching the race-ready optics with a fresh color that paints performance with personality.

Echelon editions with single-lens sport shields utilize Oakley Photochromic, and dual-lens editions are Activated by Transitions®. Both versions darken in response to sunlight to adapt your vision and help you keep up with changing conditions. Our VR50™ lens tint is matched with Ruby Iridium® coating for the ultimate performance combo. If it’s sunny at the start and drizzling at the finish, no worries. The optics will adjust to keep you focused on the road with razor sharp clarity. The lenses of Echelon editions are especially good in shadows and under trees, and when you’re heading in and out of tunnels.


2011 Oakley Fast Jacket XL sunglasses

The Fast Jacket launched at Sea Otter and starts shipping May 20. The XL above has slightly larger lenses with more wrap at the bottom outer corners. The regular version, below, has smaller lenses. Both have a wide variety of color and lense options.

2011 Oakley Fast Jacket sunglasses

They use Oakley’s SwitchLock to lock lenses into place without putting physical stress on them that might distort the optics. The small cushion inside the bridge supports them without the frame putting any stresses on them.


  1. Or simply rinse them in warm water now and again and maybe a drop or two of mild soap to clean away skin oils and salts and keep them looking nice and crack and peal free for years.

  2. Wow, those carbon Oakleys will match perfectly with a 4 year old Hyundai’s interior trim.

    Faux Carbon is so cheezey even a shirtless, washed up pro mountain bike racer with the attitude of a divorced cop on steroids wouldnt touch those or would Brian?

  3. “carbon-fiber look”!!?? I thought the world was saved from that cheese-ball scourge with the passing of 2003! This is pretty soft-marketing: “The look is a high salute to the carbon fiber technology.”

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