2011 Tifosi Slope and Mast sports fashion sunglasses with NXT fototec darkening lenses

Tifosi has added a few new frames to their lineup, including the more fashion-forward Slope (left) and Mast above, as well as upgraded their Fototec photochromic lenses with NXT’s technology that transition from 75% to as little as 15% light transmission in the sun, and they do it pretty quickly.

For smaller faces, there’s also the new Wisp, Tyrant and Slip sunglasses that look more like their traditional sports shades. More pics and info after the break…

2011 Tifosi Wisp Slip and Tyrant cycling and running sports sunglasses with interchangeable NXT photochromic lens technology

At the top in yellow is the new Wisp, a super small pair of shades for smaller faces (and probably kids). The black pair is the new Slip that has a one-piece lens and the silver pair is the Tyrant, which gets separate lenses and a small relief in the frame for better venting. All three have open frames and interchangeable lenses.

Tifosi NXT Fototec photochromic sunglasses lens adjust to ambient light to automatically darken the lenses in sunlight

For 2011, Tifosi partnered with NXT to develop the next generation of their Fototec photochromic lenses. The model (sunglasses, not me…but thanks) above shows them from clear to darkened, which happens in about 20 seconds, plenty quick enough for any riding situation unless you routinely ride from the beach into a train tunnel.

Like all Tifosis, these models range from about $60 to $90 depending on lenses.

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