cadel evan's bmc 29er urban commuter bike with easton xc carbon wheels and disc brakes

Seems BMC’s Lifestyle Product Manager got a kick out of our earlier post about the Carborazor urban commuter being a “new” bike when in fact that model has been out for 10 years…perhaps we misread their original email, but we’ve updated that post with some interesting bits. Anywhoo…

He was kind enough to send us a link to Cadel Evan’s personal prototype urban commuter bike that’s decked out with Easton’s sick new EC90XC carbon 29er wheels, disc brakes and full Easton cockpit, probably mostly carbon as well, and a Gates carbon belt drive. The LPM hinted that we’ll be seeing something along these lines hitting the airwaves in June or July, but it definitely looks like the type of commuter I want. Wonder how it’d look towing an Adam’s Trail-a-bike!


  1. Wow, way to go BMC! You completely ripped off GT and their Triple Triangle! Funny how bike brands are lowering their seatstays to tighten the rear end and reduce vibs to the rider just like the timeless 20+ year old GT Triple Triangle. BMC= Build More Copies

  2. a commuter bike with no provisions to carry any cargo. No lighting or fenders so I cant ride when its dark or damp. Skinny tires for everyday discomfort! yawn

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