2012 Momsen Twin Link 100mm full suspension 29er mountain bike

Momsen Bikes just leaked some photos to us of his new 100mm Twin Link 29er full suspension mountain bike and it has one of the more interesting looking linkage designs I’ve seen. Frame and design details are scant, but the Twin Link linkage looks to be a cross between Trek’s Full Floater and Niner’s basic full suspension design, albeit without the CVA geometry. Curious? Skip through to see a close up and read a little more technobabble…

UDPATE: Full press release just found and added after the break.

2012 Momsen Twin Link full suspension design is a cross between Niner and Trek's Full Floater linkages

The rear shock “floats” between the upper and lower linkage arms. Unlike Trek’s Full Floater, which places the lower shock mount forward of the rocker pivot, Momsen’s Twin Link sets the lower shock mount between the two pivots. Want a real brain teaser? Try to imagine this in action…my head still hurts. Very cool to see something different being done regardless.

2012 Momsen TwinLink full suspension 29er mountain bike schematic

This schematic shows the rear suspension fully compressed. The charts that accompanied these images show a perfectly straight and relatively flat leverage ratio change, from 2.78 at the start to 2.66 fully compressed, which gives the rear wheel a virtually equal amount of travel per unit of shock stroke. Of course, there are any number of tuning tricks Fox and Momsen can do to affect the ride, but looks alone suggest firm, racy characteristics. (Update: Hmmm, guess not…see below)

In development since early 2010, the new TWIN LINK 29er Full Suspension range from MOMSEN BIKES is due for release shortly in South Africa.

Following on the success of the 29er Hardtail range in the local market and the South Africa’s insaturable obsession for all things 29er recently, this new range is set to be an exciting new addition to the market.

90% of South Africa’s events are multi-day stage races ( think Cape Epic and Sani 2 C ) as well as both regular marathon and ultra marathon style races. Due to the nature of the terrain and routes of these events, the 29er has proven to be the weapon of choice for both the Pros and “ weekend warriors “ wanting to take advantage of it’s superior traction and comfort compared to regular 26” wheels.

Based around a patented TWIN LINK suspension design ( patents pending ) offering 100mm rear wheel travel and a leverage ratio of 2.66, the frame will also feature many of 2012’s MUST HAVE technical details including:

  • Taper Headtube
  • Pressfit BB91
  • Direct Mount Front Derailleur
  • Internal Cable Routing in Front Triangle – for Rear Derailleur and Front Derailleur
  • Post Mount Rear Disc Caliper

Frame weights are still to be confirmed for final production but target weight is sub 2.9kg (6.39lbs) with Fox RP2 Boost Valve rear shock fitted. ( Medium – 17” )

The line-up will include 3 spec builds namely:

  • TWINLINK SIX: SRAM 10 Speed X7/X9 with Rock Shox Monarch R and Reba RL
  • TWINLINK SEVEN: SHIMANO New XT with Fox Float RL Shock and Fork
  • TWINLINK NINE: SRAM XO Silver with Fox Float RP2 Remote and Float FIT RLC

MOMSEN have worked closely with both SRAM and FOX on shock tunes and dialling in the feel of the bike, the frame’s falling rate design coupled with the TWIN LINK allows for a very plush and active platform. The shock tunes are optimized for comfort during long stages and endurance type events.

First prototypes have already been spotted on some of the local trails and the orginal prototype also did some PR work at the 1st Round of the World Cup in Pietermaritzburg a few weeks back.

Pricing and further details to follow soon. As well as details on the new additions to the 2012 hardtail range from MOMSEN BIKES.


  1. Looks just like the original One Ghost Industries Katana! cool to see more bike companies jumping on the floating shock. One Ghost Industries has been doing it for 5 years now!

  2. Nice, but stolen design…Cesar Rojo designed it in Spain and named it ZERO ( ZEsar ROjo ) Suspension System. Fabian Barel won last year at Maribor it’s first race with the MONDRAKER SUMMUM. Been winning several times with that machine. Lightest gravity design voted by MBR in Britain.

  3. ??just googled the MONDRAKER SUMMUN and it looks nothing like that linkage, geometry is completely different!! + Fabian Barel is a downhill rider and this is a XC/Marathon bike ?? research much..

    MAN those Mountain Kings look SO sexy 🙂

  4. Hi Guys, let me clear some things up. @Andrew – yes, this frame has been developed with Kinesis. They have some of the best technology available in the world when it comes to building a bicycle frame. ( tubing profiles and alloy materials , welding techniques, patented SPF process and excellent quality control – definately one of the more impressive alloy frame factories I have seen in my 17 years as a bicycle product manager ). The final frame version is significantly different to the original frame prototypes we received and have been testing ( as per the above Spy Pic ), ordering a frame off catalogue is not as easy as it may seem …. we totally revised the rear triangle, improved tyre clearance issues and front derailleur clearance, improved tolerances at the main linkage area, revised the taper headtube profile to a lighter and non-internal cable routing design ( the cables effected turning radius and shifting function ), improved cable routing on the front-end and added guides for a dropper seatpost and/or remote lockout cable, spent alot of time finalising rear shock tunes for a great ride feel. We are a new brand that focuses on offering great performing bikes at a competitive price. We use alot of catalogue products in our spec – these include offerings from Shimano, Sram, Fox and Continental to name a few. Keep an eye on our website for details on the new 2012 hardtail range – http://www.momsenbikes.com

  5. “Ordering out of catalog is not easy” True! You have decals to design, little bits to anodize. Un-packing the crate from Taiwan… pretty gruelling stuff

  6. “Based around a patented TWIN LINK suspension design ( patents pending ) ” is this a Momsen patent it does seem that you are saying that.

    Pressfit BB91 ? Maybe thats BB92

  7. Catalog bikes – if works cool, but if its ugly…well those links and all the red and blue anodizing is just a bit poefies. Bikes are like art, and unfortunately that curvy link and all those holes is the artwork of a preschool monkey. Take some references from modernism if you area bit lost guys…. You do want to sell them??

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