Last year, we got you the scoop on some cool new collaborations between Oakley and the venerable SE Racing, and while the rest of the goods were nearly impossible to get your hands on due to severely limited numbers, the Factory Pilot glove is a different story.

The SE x Oakley Factory Pilot is available now, and should be relatively easy to find through your local SE Racing dealer, or at

Check out the Oakley inspired grippers after the break.

If you remember, Oakley recently re-released a limited number of B1-B grips which of course were the start of it all for Oakley. The grips were released in a variety of color ways, but only the SE x Oakley PK Ripper came stock with the black on black B1-Bs. Well by now the grips are all but gone unless you can find a cool shop that is hoarding a stash. However, the B1-B inspired finger grippers on the SE x Oakley Factory Pilots might just serve as a close second.

Of course, the palms and fingers also sport the number 77 paying homage to the year SE Racing was started by Scot Breithaupt. Also, if  you look closely you can see the out turned seams on the fingers along with a short and tight cuff to get that “team” fit.



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