spy shot prototype lh thomson titanium handlebar with wide width little sweep and flatSpotted hidden in their Facebook page are some ultrawide, minimally swept flat titanium handlebar prototypes from the machinist experts at LH Thomson.

Details are vague other than that, and they caution that these are some very early prototypes, but if the attention to detail and strength of their other components is any indication, they should rock.

Southeast Niner Bikes rep Mike Stanley has always stocked his demo bikes with plenty of Thomson goodies, so it’s no surprise to see them being tested on a Niner, and we’re guessing the longer width and lack of rise means they’re being designed with 29er riders in mind.

Click on the image to enlarge, and jump past the break for another pic…

spy shot prototype lh thomson titanium handlebar with wide width little sweep and flat


  1. Ooooh…. always had a soft spot for titanium goodies. Possibly other Ti parts in the works as well? Seatpost?

  2. I don’t get it. 29ers are already slower-steering bikes than 26ers. Why magnify that with a super wide bar with minimal sweep? Plus, the wider a bar is, the greater its back sweep must be to match the rider’s wrist angle. Does this bar have a reason to exist?

  3. Especially for SS 29’rs, that wide bar spells leverage.

    I like it…… and hope they’re offered with 9/10 and 17 degree.

  4. – lets not take this down to 26/29…BUT having both I like the slower steering cause alot less double-countersteer (maybe twitchy in retrosp) but I luv Thomson goods and Ti can only be some baddass get-somes. Yes I would also luv to see them in a low-riser..

  5. @DaveS Yeah it looks alot like another bike i know……

    I got to see this out on the trail and man it that thing wide and flat. Just like everyone else I am excited to see the finished product.

  6. I think that they should make these bars however i would like them to do them in aluminium so that you can get them in black as well and a reasonable width and riser like 750mm wide and 18mm riser

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