sram acquires quarq powermeter company

SRAM has just announced their aquistition of Quarq Technology, Inc., makers of crank-based powermeters that use the ANT+ wireless protocal to transmit info to a compatible cycling computer. This means you probably won’t see an SRM option when ordering up a powermeter equipped SRAM crankset directly from them, but it could mean some interesting new power measurement devices (pedals?) given SRAM’s resources. Here’s hoping for Flight Deck-like wireless computer that shows what gear you’re in…we’re still waiting on Shimano’s next-gen version, which we thought was just being held up while ANT+ standardized things a bit.

Full press release after the break…

PRESS RELEASE: SRAM is pleased to announce the acquisition of Quarq Technology, Inc. Over the last several years Quarq has become recognized as a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of power meters, measurement devices and related accessories for the bicycle industry. The acquisition by SRAM marks a milestone for both the SRAM and Quarq organizations.

“We are looking forward to the opportunities that this partnership represents for further innovation and integration of bicycle components and power measurement.” stated Stan Day, CEO of SRAM. “Quarq’s growth has been impressive and their technology and product base are strong. Power measurement represents a rapidly growing segment of the cycling market and
we are very content to have partnered with a leading brand in Quarq, and a technology pioneer in Jim Meyer.”

Jim Meyer, the founder and CEO of Quarq said “We started Quarq 5 years ago to push forward power meter technology. We have had wonderful success to date and are very excited about joining forces with SRAM. SRAM has a long history of innovation and is a natural fit with Quarq. We look forward to further pushing forward power measurement technology.”

While detailed integration plans with Quarq are being formulated, current plans include:

  • Jim and Mieke Meyer, the founders and leaders of Quarq, will continue to lead Quarq operations in the near term.
  • Order processing and customer service for Quarq products will be continue to be handled through their existing channels. We anticipate integrating these into SRAM over time.
  • Quarq’s current manufacturing will remain in Spearfish, SD for the near term.
  • Quarq’s supply chain will remain mostly unchanged. Current suppliers will be supported by SRAM engineering and manufacturing resources where appropriate.


  1. In the Cycling News article about this merger, it was stated that non-SRAM crank options will be phased out over time. How nice that the powermeters available will shrink. That does make it easier to choose a different manufacturer than SRAM/Quarq.

  2. The release also said that they’d retrofit a third party crank with the CinQo. So that means to me SRAM cranks with CinQo will be always available and distributors will either stock third party cranksets or go to a one off order system.

    Going from a spider strain gauge to a pedal strain gauge is pardon the pun, but a huge ‘leap’ of design. I don’t see it. If they acquire Brim Brothers, well then now you’re talking.

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