If I was a betting man, I would have to say yes, this looks like it could be the front triangle to a full suspension 29er. Not a whole lot of info here, just the cranking up the rumor mill as Yeti leaked this photo yesterday. Just a grainy shot of a cool looking prototype in front of a rad sticker door, vintage Yeti frame wall art (dog leash holder?), and a lone Banquet beer in the background. Chris Conroy has already admitted that Yeti will be making a 29er dually, as in this interview from Mountain Bike.

Clearly, if this works out to be the final shape of the front triangle, it would be one of the few Yeti full suspension bikes without a kinked top tube. Unfortunately, none of the pivot points or shock mounts have been welded on except what is probably the main pivot right above the bottom bracket.

Obviously, we will bring you more information as soon as it is available. But, until then, what do you think? Like it? Are you dying for Yeti to produce a full suspension 29er?


  1. We really need to update the definition of “leaked” to include “intentionally released as part of a viral or guerrilla marketing campaign”.

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