Germany’s own Cube bike company, is finally entering the world of downhill. The recently unveiled Two15 is the company’s first downhill offering, and while it is just getting ready for it’s release to the public, Cube states that they have been hard at work on the bike since 2008.

It wasn’t until 2009 that Cube had their first rideable prototypes, and shorty after in 2010, Cube began working very closely with Fox Racing Shox to develop the perfect tune for a DHX-RC4 for the Two15. Utilizing Cube’s interesting Triple Linkage Kinematics, Cube claims to have created the perfect suspension ratios and ride characteristics for the bike.

Just what is a Triple Linkage Kinematic? Read on to find out..


TLK seems to be just that, the links that attach the upper link of the swingarm to the lower shock mount. Honestly, it bears a bit of resemblance to a Jacob’s Ladder toy, but, if it works and results in a stiff frame then why not?

From the back the TLK looks quite a bit more beefy, which is a good thing.

No details on pricing or availability yet, so if you’re interested keep you eyes open, and continue to check Cube’s site.

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