Described by Bont as the ‘World’s First Time Trial Specific Shoe,’ the Crono is a heat moldable aerodynamic shoe that seems to run afoul of the UCI’s non-essential items clause (full ruling statement after the break).

Bont, for their part, says the text of the ban would include aero TT helmets, skinsuits and booty covers, among other things, if the rules were applied fairly and consistently. In our opinion, it seems like making the top cover into the closure using a Boa system that’s on the back like Lake’s shoes could add function the otherwise superfluous nature of the cover, but that’s just armchair director sportif-ing. Full press bit and more pics when you click through…

FROM BONT: The UCI has recently informed Bont that it is officially banning the “Crono” from competitions based on the view that the design of the Crono contradicts the UCI’s article 1.3.033 which stipulates:

“It is forbidden to wear non-essential items of clothing or items designed to influence the performances of a rider such as reducing air resistance or modifying the body of the rider (compression, stretching, support).

Items of clothing or equipment may be considered essential where weather conditions make them appropriate for the safety or the health of the rider. In this case, the nature and texture of the clothing or equipment must be clearly and solely justified by the need to protect the rider from bad weather conditions. Discretion in this respect is left to the race commissaires.

Equipment (helmets, shoes, jerseys, shorts, etc.) worn by the rider may not be adapted to serve any other purpose apart from that of clothing or safety by the addition or incorporation of mechanical or electronic systems which are not approved as technical innovations under article 1.3.004.”

Bont is in formal communication with the UCI regarding this matter as it is totally contradictory to the standards they have set by allowing countless manufacturers to produce items such as skinsuits, aero helmets, booty covers, etc, etc.”

The World’s First Time Trial Specific Shoe.

For too long the research centered around aerodynamics has ignored the role which shoes play in the search for precious seconds. Not only is the efficiency of power transfer critical in ensuring that your power is transferred directly to the drive train, but the aerodynamics of the shoe must also be researched. After all, your feet are the fastest moving part of a bike.

The technology used in this shoe pushes every known boundary in terms manufacturing processes and aerodynamics.

Every single part of this shoe has been designed with aerodynamics in mind. From the toe area to the heel & sole, the lace cover to the front and rear sole protectors, each part has been designed to increase the aerodynamics of the shoe through each part of the pedal stroke, placing special emphasis on the part of the pedal stroke where the shoe is moving the fastest.

As with the top of the range a-one road shoe, the Bont crono is of a handmade 100% carbon monocoque construction built for pure speed.

To further enhance the riders performance, we have built this shoe with Bont’s extremely low stack height of 3.6mm, have built it using Bont’s proprietary thermo moldable resin to allow customization, have ensured it maintains Bont’s extremely high standards in shoe stiffness for power transfer all whilst keeping the weight of each shoe under 300 grams.


  1. Here we go…The UCI’s inability to interpret & manage their own rules…It borders on random & selective. To the letter of the rules, nearly every piece of clothing & gear currently runs afoul of their rules…buh Bye aero helmets, compression clothing of any description, and on… Soon enough the UCI willl dictate what size of shorts & jersey you are allowed to wear. This highlights an issue that is setting the groundwork for a much larger reaching cash grab, once they place an approval process for apparel, and other equipment.

  2. I’ve seen similar things happen with FINA in the swimming world. Before swim skins were banned altogether, they required manufacturers to follow very strict design guidelines which made all suits look exactly like Speedo’s (Speedo was a partner of FINA).

    Likewise I am concerned about other governing bodies being affiliated/partnered with manufacturers. Seems to me this only opens the door to corruption.

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