Want a Dutch Bike in the States?

Rolling Orange Bikes is a Brooklyn, NY, based bike shop that imports Dutch brand like Da Fietsfabriek and Union, among others. The kids cargo bike above was the coolest one they had on display (perhaps there are no child labor laws there?), but check a couple more in the background and after the break…


4 thoughts on “Want a Dutch Bike in the States?

  1. I’m from The Netherlands and I know the brands De Fietsfabriek and Union. But unfortunately, these brands are (also) produced in China.

  2. BigM is right. Just like in the States more and more bicycle manufactures in The Netherlands are now producing their stuff in Taiwan or worse China (can you say high carbon footprint). Brands like Koga, Batavus and Gazelle still make some of their stuff in Holland.

  3. Wow, In Holland the Union Brooklyn is Euro 395,= (in USA USD 800….and the Bakfiets 995 is Euro 1495 (USD 2400….), Come to Holland an get your flight for free…!!!

  4. If you guys are interested in stateside brands that work in the Dutch style, but are domestically produced, I think you should have a look at DBC City Bike Design in Boston (www.dutchbikes.us) and Mike Flannigan’s A.N.T bikes (www.antbikemike.com). You can get a really beautiful US-produced bike from either of these businesses for a little more (or a lot, if you get fancy) money than a Batavus or higher-end Union.

    In the interest of fairness, I do help out at the shop that fabricates the frames for DBC Design, though I have no financial stake in the company.

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