Spin Power, which happens to be located right down the road from us in Greensboro, NC, had a couple of new products at the New Amsterdam Bike Show in NYC.

Perhaps the coolest is their new Cassette Cleaning Floss, an elastic strap with rubberized loops on either end to make cleaning between the cogs of a tight, dirty cassette super easy. Stretch it thin the string out for narrower spaces (ie. 11 speed). Even better, it’s only about $3.00.

The Slippery Spitt Lube is a non-toxic, silicone enhanced wet lube that claims to be super durable, and it won’t thicken in the cold. Their new Cleaning Wipes come in two sizes and are available in single- and 4-packs. They’re solvent free but will cut through grease and grime after a repair or if your bike needs a polish. Check the pic of the floss in action after the break…


  1. Hmmmm. I’m wondering if that cassette floss is anything more than 1/4 inch diameter elastic shock cord that can be bought in the camping section of most sporting good stores for $ 0.25 per foot.

  2. Around here, we usually use the edge of a shop towel and double it or triple it for wider spacing. However, the floss is a really nice tool and affordable, too. It can probably be cleaned for reuse, also. Glad to know people are using their heads to come up with useful products.

  3. Finish Line just released a great product that works amazingly well. It’s called “Gear Floss”. Seems like it would work better. I was at the show and saw this item demoed. Not sure that a nylon shock cord would do a great job of soaking up and removing grime. Seems like it would dislodge it but then you would need to degrease it again. The Gear Floss is thick and fibrous – made of microfiber. You get about 20 strings in a pack. I’m hooked!

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