When Ryders Eyewear’s 20Five arrived a few weeks ago, the reaction to the striking sunnies was unanimous:

Duuuude!  Those are… RAD!

Though I was never cool enough to own a Hypercolor tee shirt and disowned all ’80s fashion upon discovering Pearl Jam, there’s still something about neon fades still get me pretty excited.  Despite looking at first like dime store closeouts, the $40 20Fives (also available in black) are actually well thought-out riding glasses.  Hit ‘more‘ for more details.

The grey polycarbonate lenses block 86% of visible and 100% of ultraviolet light, making them a good choice for desert riding.  The anti-slip nose pads and temple tips have so far done a very good job of keeping the Ryders in place, despite their being a bit wide for my medium-width face, and the glasses all but disappear when riding. (From the rider’s perspective, that is- nobody else will miss them.)

A cool piece of nostalgia for people in their thirties, the Neon Fade 20Fives have also been a hit with the kids with their borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered eighties (to who I’m losing my edge).  Though they may get a spousal fashion veto, the 20Fives seem to be a good, solid budget budget choice- with the added bonus that they’ll be very hard to lose.




What do you think?