2012 Haro Steel Reserve dirt jump mountain bike gets geared and singlespeed options, new cable routing

Haro is working on a new version of its Steel Reserve dirt jump bike. It’ll come in two versions on the showroom floor, 1.3 and 1.8, with singlespeed and 8-speeds respectively, but either model will be convertible to either drivetrain.

To do that, they developed new removable cable guides with a single- or double barrel design, for running cable to a rear derailleur in addition to the rear brake hose.. Dropouts swap to run single speed or 8 speed, and they’ll be $20/pair aftermarket. For the frame, they gave it tighter geometry to handle more like a BMX bike, chainstays are about 10mm shorter. Look for it at Interbike. More pics after the break…

These are the single barrel cable stops for holding just the brake hose. Double barrel versions will also hold the shift cable housing for a rear derailleur. Or, remove them entirely and run it brakeless, as is the trend these days.


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