We’ve definitely had no shortage of cool and interesting bike racks on the site lately, but let’s be honest. There are a lot of cyclists who need to store their bikes inside their house or apartment, and if they have to have their bike in the living room, the standard issue garage worthy racks just may not do.

Instead, many cyclists may be interested in a storage rack as unique as their bike, and just as beautiful to boot. Which is precisely why Jeff Mayer, who runs 718 Made In Brooklyn, created the “Bedford Ave Bike Rack.” The Bedford is custom built to fit your bike, and is constructed out of Birch ply with a Veneer. Not only is the rack custom fit, it is also offered in custom colors and veneers, which means that with the rack being this custom, there is no standard price so Contact Jeff for pricing .

For more info on the Bedford Ave Rack, and to see the entire product line and learn more about Jeff, including his past history as a pro BMX rider, hop on over to 718.

Thanks to Scott for the tip!


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