Light & Motion’s new SoLite 150 is coming in about a month and is a pretty sweet little mating of a helmet light and camp/flash light. It charges via MicroUSB and will retail for $179.99. It also comes with a headstrap for use while walking around looking for that tent stake in the dark.

They also have a few new bar-mount lights after the break…

The new Urban 150 and 250 have 150 and 250 lumens respectively, charge via USB and have three output settings. These start shipping in August.

Specs on all three are:


  1. Micro-usb charging is a nice trend. Generally a lot better idea than rechargeable batteries. On the go charging is a little problem in some cases.

  2. Just wish this took AA’s.

    Don’t get me wrong, lith-ion has it’s advantages…I just don’t see them here. Dinotte’s AA lights are 220 lumens, and run 2 hours on a charge. These are 250 lumens and run 2.5 hours. But I bet a replacement battery costs as much as the whole light.

  3. @Paul – Am I missing something? have you done the math on alkalines vs Lithium Ion batteries? Rechargeable batteries don’t get thrown away after they loose their charge- you REcharge them. Why are you wedded to alkalines?

What do you think?