Last night I had to stop off at Ace Wheelworks in Somerville, MA for work. One of the employees there, Adam, beckoned me into the basement. I was hesitant to follow him, mostly because the last time I followed someone down to the basement of Ace, I ended up being part of a human centipede for six months. Turns out he just wanted to show me his one-of-a-kind Independent Fabrication Ti-Deluxe 29er with Bruins “away jersey” paint, which was way less traumatic and humiliating than the whole human centipede thing (I still look weird when I smile). This is going to be one of the last of the Somerville IF’s. Those guys are set to pick up shop and move to New Hampshire in May, so the Somerville castle logo gives it some cache.

I apologize in advance for the utter craptasticness of the photos. All I had on me was my Olympus Stylus-not-so-tough (not a product I am extremely pleased with) and the lighting was not ideal, but what these shots lack in quality, they make up for in quantity. As we shall see…after the break.

That is actually the seat tube measurement. This bike is HUGE dude. Zdeno Chara couldn’t even throw a leg over this thing…with skates on.

Sorry, made up. It’s probably about a 19″ with a very sloping top tube.

The bike weighs about 24 lbs as it is.

The bike was designed by BMX master Brian Kelly formerly of, and now of IF again. Therefore the chainstays are as short as possible for maximum snappiness. I was going to say “snapability” but that makes it sound like the chainstays are designed to break.

Engraved seat collar.

If you look through the main triangle, you can almost see the spot where I spent six months as part of a human centipede.


IF logo on the fork leg. Details.

“No shot of the headtube? how silly!” – BR reader Shane

This logo is soon to be retired. A tear just rolled down my cheek and hit my keyboard. I’m going to stop before I get electrocuted.


  1. this looks like a 29 Dirt jumper frame.
    the seat cluster is way way down there, so far in fact that I would go so far as to say that the seat post is at its minimum insertion point and its only about at that stem level. Its not like the head tube is all that big or anything its just that seat cluster is way down there.

    All that said, looks like some big gear on there even for a 26, and did the owner actually bend the Ti hanger on the frame?

  2. Nice that IF built a bike for the Bruins, they are going to be on vacation soon… in 3 more games!
    Go Habs Go!!!!
    From Montreal with love as 007 would say!

  3. As an IF Deluxe owner (one of the first 853 bikes) I am upset to see that IF will be leaving their Somerville digs and moving to NH. IF was a part of the cycling culture in Somerville, going hand-in-hand with RedBones bike valet. It’s a damn shame.

  4. Uh, the bike is sick as hell the way it is. no need to tear apart someones set up. Scumerville is a hell hole and IF should leave while they still can. Cycling culture?? Still don’t get that one.

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